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Urgent Eye Care in Windsor Ontario

Urgent eye care in Windsor ON

If you need an optometrist to treat an eye emergency, we hope you will immediately contact us at PAZUR Eyecare Optometric Clinic. Our expert eye doctors are Dr. Alan Pazur and Dr. Justine Pazur. When you are looking for an emergency eye doctor near me in Windsor ON, you need to look no further than Windsor’s premier optometry clinic for urgent eye care.

If you have an eye care emergency, we are happy to provide urgent care services for you. We always try our very best to accommodate immediate appointments. Should you have some type of eye emergency, simply let our office staff know that you need to see our emergency eye doctor as soon as possible. We recommend that you keep our phone number handy should you ever need to quickly find an eye doctor near me in Windsor ON.  Eye emergencies can materialize quickly. There are several eye symptoms you may have which mean you should seek immediate emergency eye care. If you are having sudden flashes of light accompanied by an increased number of floaters, you should contact our

This occurrence can be something that normally occurs, or it can signal a retinal tear. Retinal tears should be examined immediately to make sure they are not going to lead to a retinal detachment. If your eyes are red and itchy, and have a discharge, you probably have an eye infection. For contact lens wearers, keratitis, is a common eye infection; it can lead to permanent vision loss if not treated in a timely basis. If you experience a sudden loss of vision, or sudden blurriness in your vision, it is also imperative that you contact us immediately to see our eye doctor.

Along with providing urgent eye care for patients, we also offer comprehensive eye exams and many different types of eye care. For an appointment to see your eye doctor near me in Windsor ON, contact us today.

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Painful Dry Eyes | Pazur Eyecare Windsor Ontario

Painful Dry Eyes Windsor

Painful Dry Eyes

If your eyes have been constantly irritated and you are experiencing blurred vision, you should visit  PAZUR Eyecare Optometric Clinic to be seen by one of our optometrists – Dr. Alan Pazur and Dr. Justine Pazur. Through a thorough evaluation, we will determine  whether or not you have “dry eye syndrome” and can provide you with the most appropriate treatments. If you experience painful dry eyes, treatment is something which should not be put off – not only is dry eye uncomfortable, it can cause eye damage if left untreated.

Blurry and unstable vision

A patient can routinely be diagnosed with dry eye syndrome during a comprehensive eye exam. Symptoms can include eyes that feel extremely irritated, red eyes, a sensation that there is something in your eye, excessive tearing and blurry, unstable vision.  There are two underlying causes of dry eye syndrome 1)  a lack of tear production that results in low tear QUANTITY and 2)  poor tear QUALITY  that is not sufficient to keep the eyes fully lubricated and healthy. Identifying the underlying cause of dry eye is the most important first step for our optometrists to effectively treat this condition.

Thorough medical history is important

Many times dry eye is aggravated by environmental factors, including dry winter weather and controlled indoor environments like hospitals. Certain medications and medical conditions can also contribute to dry eye syndrome. As one can see, a simple symptom of dry eyes can have very complex underlying contributing factors. Expert diagnosis is imperative to successful treatment.

Treatment of dry eye

Dry eye is a chronic condition that cannot be cured, however there are many treatment and management options available. Very mild cases of dry eye can be treated with over-the-counter tear supplements or lubricants. Our optometrists may want to prescribe prescription eye drops or even oral medications to help with tear production. Further treatment options offered at PAZUR Eyecare include placing plugs in your tear ducts to help retain your natural tears longer. We also use a unique treatment called Bleph-Ex to help create a healthier eyelid and tear environment. A treatment plan will be uniquely tailored for every patient’s dry eye condition and specific needs.

To see our optometrist for diagnosis, treatment and management of your painful dry eyes, contact us today.

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