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Take Advantage of Optical Experts – Purchase your Eyewear In-person

In today’s world, you can purchase almost anything on-line, including eyeglasses. Browsing and buying on-line might be easy, but the benefits of buying your eyeglasses in-person with professional assistance will far outweigh the convenience of the internet.

Style, Fit and Comfort

Eyeglass frames that suit your style and your face will compliment your facial features and look great.  A proper fit on the bridge of your nose and behind your ears will make your eyeglasses feel great. Choosing the right pair of eyeglass frames from a picture on the internet might seem easy, but in fact is very challenging, even for a trained eye. And we all know that if your eyeglasses are not comfortable you won’t wear them!

Precision Measurements

The most difficult thing to get right when ordering your eyeglasses on-line is the specific measurements that are necessary for prescription accuracy. If these measurements are off even slightly, it could mean the difference between comfortable vision and vision with headache and nausea. This is especially important for higher prescriptions and progressives.

Customized Lens Features and Options

Eyeglasses that are customized to your prescription, your lifestyle and your everyday needs will help you see your world with increased clarity and comfort. Optimising the design of your lenses to minimize the weight of your eyeglasses is always priority number one. And choosing the most appropriate sight enhancing features for you is much easier with professional guidance.

At PAZUR EyeCare, we provide all of the optical services mentioned here and personal service after the sale such as minor repairs, frame adjustments and replacement nosepads, all for no extra charge. An up-to-date selection of styles and if you’re not 100% satisfied with your eyewear, we are always here to help. You can’t buy that kind of value on-line!




The number of appointment slots available for examinations has been reduced due to the need for increased sterilization procedures and social distancing measures.
Please call 519-948-9299 to schedule your appointment.
Entry to our office will be strictly by appointment only. This includes not only for your examination, but also for eyeglass fittings, adjustments, and repairs.