We specialize in contact lenses and pride ourselves in the success we help our patients achieve with contact lens wear. Modern technology brings us many different types of contact lens material and designs.  We often have early access to new products based on our relationship with leading manufacturers and our extensive patient base.

These contact lens designs include:

  • monthly and daily disposables
  • correction and astigmatism
  • correction of presbyopia (bifocal and readers)
  • continuous wear (overnight)
  • rigid gas permeable
  • corrections of keratoconus
  • bandage and therapeutic modalities

As with any medical device, contact lenses require professional expertise to ensure safe and healthy usage.  A contact lens fitting involves taking measurements of your cornea and careful evaluation of your tear structure and surrounding eye tissues.

A fitting also includes:

  • placing of diagnostic lenses on your eye
  • training for removal and insertion
  • follow-up visits to evaluate lens performance and eye response


Successful contact lens fitting is achieved by providing crisp stable vision, excellent comfort and maintenance of optimum eye health.  We aim to make your contact lens experience comfortable and successful.

There is no age limit on contact lens wear.  We have extensive experience fitting contact lenses on pediatric through geriatric patients. Contact lens wear is a vision correction option for many.