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Eye Exams

Eye exams are recommended for everyone once per year, but why should you get one when you feel fine and you already have a pair of eyeglasses or a prescription for contact lenses? Pazur Eyecare Optometric Clinic is committed to giving you the best vision possible and to making sure that your eyes are healthy and strong. It just so happens that your eye well-being and your vision can change quite a bit from year to year and to add incentive, keep in mind that most common eye diseases reveal no symptoms at all until they have progressed enough to have caused problems. Also, if your current eyeglasses or contact lenses are not optimal for your vision needs right now, our optometrist in Windsor wants to update your prescription and give out sharper and clearer sight.



Checking your vision involves components that include reading from an eye chart, a refraction test, and a visual field test as your eyesight is evaluated up close, at a distance, and from side to side. If you already wear corrective lenses, your eyes will be checked both with them and without them. For those who have problems distinguishing colors or who have a history of color blindness in their family will also receive a color vision test. If our optometrist in Windsor discovers that you hare nearsighted, farsighted, have an astigmatism, presbyopia, or some combination of these vision issues, a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses will be written to address it. Fortunately, we offer an impressive selection of both designer eyeglass frames along with both rigid and soft contact lenses, among which you can decide on either daily wear, extended wear, disposable, or color changing where you can step into a completely new look for your eyes.


Glaucoma and cataracts are examples of eye diseases that can affect anyone at any age. Along with these, you will also be screened for other common eye concerns, some depending on how prone you are to them. For example, macular degeneration typically affects only those who are 60 and over, while diabetic retinopathy is applicable only to people with type one or type two diabetes. Detected early, most eye diseases are either curable or manageable. At minimum, the goal of our optometrist in Windsor is to prevent additional vision loss.

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The number of appointment slots available for examinations has been reduced due to the need for increased sterilization procedures and social distancing measures.
Please call 519-948-9299 to schedule your appointment.
Entry to our office will be strictly by appointment only. This includes not only for your examination, but also for eyeglass fittings, adjustments, and repairs.